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Montessori Animal Alphabet ❤

3.21 usd

The Montessori Animal Alphabet is a game to learn to write cursive letters inspired by the Montessori method. You will discover the endangered animals through fun activities to do for each letter. The game is available in English and French.For the child, for each letter of the alphabet:* You learn to write the letter in uppercase and lowercase.* You listen how the letter is phonetically pronounced.* You discover the name of the 26 endangered animal whose name starts with a letter of the alphabet (Addax, European Buffalo, Cockatoo, Dodo, Asian Elephant, Falcon, Gharial, Pigmy Hippopotamus, Red Ibis, Jaguar, Kiwi, Lycaon, Mandrill, Narwhal, Orangutan, Red panda, Quokka, Rhino, Sifaka, Tarsier, Urial, Orsini Viper, Wallaby, Xylocopa, Yak and Zebra).* You have an activity per animal to do. There are full of surprises, a graphical and sound environment different for each activity.* You win the picture of the animal once you passed the letter and associated activity.* You retrieve pictures of animals in your photo album.* There are lots of animations and sounds, it's fun!
For parents, notes on the design of the game:* No advertisement in our games.* All instructions games are commented by Mary, the little mouse (in English, French). It's easier for children who can not yet read. They can play independently.* We have in the game with all our heart, it is homemade. We love your ratings and reviews for your support.
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